Part of our philosophy is trying to turn recipes into production realities and through the use of pure ingredients which preferably derive from the Greek Earth, create secure, convenient and quality products as well as offer them to the whole of Greek gastronomy industry.

The "POWER" of food taste

“I win customers back who come again and again because the product is simply good” a lot of our customers say, while others continue saying “food taste might be subjective but I cannot find any dissatisfied customer with your products”. Food taste plays great importance and we daily succeed in this through every company which trusts us.

What it takes to gain "POWER"

1) The right products of standard quality

A good product is the one that gives back superior flavor 365 days a year, something that we can guarantee by strict selection and evaluatio of our suppliers, the quality control systems, the faithfulness to our original recipes.

2) Recipes (balanced)

The result depends on your final product so you have to offer balanced recipes which involve meat, vegetables, spices and sauces in the right proportions and at the highest quality.

3) Products for all tastes

Food taste is a different concept for each one for the purchasing groups, so when planning your menu you should bear in mind all tastes and needs such as kid’s menu, Eat & Fit, Snacks time, lunch time, finger food and many other factors depending on the purchasing target audience.

... Our people

like any living organism, so is our company composed of many smaller parts, its people.

Family atmosphere

Professionalism and family environment are two concepts that we try to keep in perfect balance, thus creating the ideal working environment.

Working groups

Aiming at specialization we create working groups per sector to develop the capabilities of our partners and ultimately achieve high-level results.

Education - investment

Proud of the fact that a lot of our people began as employees and left retired, we consider them a great factor of our success. Relying on our staff, we follow annual education programs per sector in order to raise the “bar” of the quality of services and products offered to our customers.

We do offer half success

Our customers know well that the secrets of cooking are important to be able to turn a good recipe into a successful and delicious meal. They choose us because we offer 50% of success through our recipes and the rest 50% is based on their own performance.